Sunday, December 4, 2011

New shower head

This weekend I installed a new 1.5 gallon-per-minute shower head in the master bathroom. The thought that maybe I should replace the shower heads that came with my house had been surfacing in my brain for a few weeks or months. Last week a blog post from Mister Money Mustache himself convinced me that the time for shower head replacement was nigh.

I was surprised and delighted to read MMM's post. Not only did he lay down a bunch of calculations demonstrating a favorable cost-benefit analysis, he even recommended a cheap super-low-flow option off Amazon. With Amazon Prime it was here by Friday.

Check out how awesome it looks:

My new 1.5 gallon-per-minute shower head
Super awesome indeed, like a shower head out of Star Trek. It works great too. I thought I'd have trouble convincing my girlfriend that a new shower head is a good idea, but she prefers it over the old one. It's a win-win-win situation.

I didn't do any calculations myself, but seeing as how my Annual Household Shower Minute Total is significantly higher than MMM's, I'm looking at at least a $40/year savings and probably a bit more. Granted, for my as-yet-unoptimized household budget this is small potatoes. But it's something I've been wanting to do and it's still a net win for Mustachianism. I'm going to go order another one right now for the guest bathroom.

Thanks Mr. Money Mustache!

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