Monday, March 26, 2012

Moderately Mustache March

I feel a bit guilty for not diving into Maximum Mustache March with more gusto. But then I remember that guilt kills forward momentum toward financial independence. My Mustachian actions this month aren't extreme, but they are fundamental.

My biking is going swimmingly. Biking feels like most of what I've been doing for the past two weeks. Last week I felt really tired practically every day, in spite of getting enough sleep. I attribute that to biking to work (and back) twice. Like my frugality muscles, my leg muscles are a little out of shape and could use some toning. But I've been working them and it feels great.

That's basically how Mustachian March is stacking up. I've bought maybe a few more things than I needed — without going crazy, of course. I've let some time go by without blogging about my finances. I still haven't gotten around to craigslisting a bunch of my old stuff. But I'm nailing one really important thing, and that thing is establishing a biking habit.

For me, I consider a bike commute fundamental to embracing Mustachianism. For that reason I feel comfortable letting other chores, or other frugal behaviors, lapse temporarily. Even last year I never would have seen myself as a guy who bikes to work. There are plenty of excuses not to, but really I was comfortable with my status quo. Today I am content but longer comfortable. With wisdom imparted to me by MMM, I've broken out of my comfort zone so I can get closer to the true happiness that financial independence can help achieve.

Alright. Back to Maximum Mustache March. I've bike-commuted four times so far. By my count that's a little over 27 miles. It's not 100, but it's not 0 either. Let me aim at breaking the 40 mile mark for this month — that's another two days of bike-commuting before the week's end (and three times in a week, how's that for breaking my once-a-week minimum goal?).

I still can't help feeling like I missed the boat on March. I really like alliteration though, and there's another M-month coming up soon. You better believe I'm gearing up for Maximum Mustache May.

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