Sunday, July 8, 2012

Falling off the biking-to-work bandwagon

The past three weeks have been weird. I got sick, I took two and a half sick days off work, and I took another two days of vacation. I biked to work exactly zero times, and due to circumstances beyond my control this week is not looking good for biking either.

It started the week of June 18th.  I felt like I was coming down with some kind of upper respiratory illness (probably allergy related and not unusual) so I took off of work on Tuesday to try and head it off with extra fluids and sleep. No luck. I ended up sick anyway. Just the same, I'm glad I decided to take off. Too often I feel people will try to power through an illness, which only serves to infect co-workers while your productivity is diminished. I probably would have taken another sick day if not for a big deployment I've been working on that's due to ship soon.

I didn't bike because I didn't feel well. I don't know if that's a good enough excuse but it sure felt like one at the time. The rational side of my brain could recall articles about how exercising when you're sick doesn't hurt and can actually help speed recovery. The emotional side of my brain wanted none of it. To anyone reading this who has a story about biking in spite of being sick, I'm very interested to hear about it.

That brings me to the week of July 4th. My girlfriend and I had festivities planned for both weekends, but none included my mom who I still wanted to see, so I decided to take two vacation days on Thursday and Friday. I think it was a pretty good decision in retrospect. I got to catch up with an old friend and clean out my old bedroom, which had stuff in it from my highschool days.

I haven't been to work in five days. Coupled with the sick days I mentioned earlier I'm getting a faint glimpse of what early retirement might be like. It's pretty nice! I have plenty of things to work on, and I feel like less of my time is spent in a brain dead recovery state. I've been reading about investing and doing little jobs around the house.

Back to biking. On Friday I got an email from a co-worker. Building management sent out a notice that the shower room would be closed all next week. I don't like our building management. Giving us short notice about facilities not being available is par for the course for them. I'm not willing to spend all day being sweaty and gross, so I don't plan on biking this week. I am hoping and praying that it will only take a week.

Losing our shower room for a week is unfortunate. It's outside of my locus of control. During times like these I try to compensate by picking something that is under my control and running with it. It's time to dust off my list of goals. For the most part I've been ignoring my 2012 non-financial goals, but with half the year gone already (!) it's time to get serious. I'm going to aim at doing 20 push-ups twice a day every day this week, to partially make up for not biking to work. That should jump start my progress toward being able to doing 40 consecutive push-ups.

Does anyone else have New Years Resolutions they're not ready to give up on yet?

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